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Piezo LEGS® Linear LL10 Product

The Piezo LEGS® linear LL10 motor is the original and still very popular motor used in products today.   It is direct drive with no backlash and can microstep in the sub-nanometer range.  It is a proven drive motor for many multi-axis stages.   External encoders can be mounted in convenient locations to make the stage very compact.   Full force 6.5 Newton power-off locking safety function.

LL10 Piezomotor Product

Uses LEGS® Walking Drive Technology

By applying voltage to a piezoelectric material, you can make it change shape.  In this product there are multiple piezoelectric motor "legs".  Each motor leg can be elongated as well as bent sideways.   Movement of each leg pair can be synchronized to create a walking motion.  The direct friction coupling between legs and the drive rod means Piezo LEGS® will operate with no backlash or mechanical play.   Below is a simple animation of this technology.

Motor Legs
Inside View of an XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage
LL10 piezo motor inside an XYZ stage

Popular Applications

This Piezomotor is excellent for tiny highly accurate motion requirements.

Product used in:

  •   Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  •   Nanometer Positioning Systems
  •   Advanced Optic Applications
  •   Active Autofocus Systems
  •   Microdialysis Pumps
  •   Surgical Robots

Multiple ways to apply the motor.    For instance, the motor can be fixed in place, allowing rod to move in a linear fashion or the rod can be fixed allowing the motor to move along it.

Piezomotor LL10 3D CAD
LL10 Piezomotor Action

LL10 Piezo Motor Drawing

Compact Size for Small Spaces

Without the ceramic driving rod the motor can fit within a 22 mm long x 20 mm tall x 11 mm wide space.   The ceramic driving rod length is the only variable.  It's length depends on your stroke requirement.

Separate External Encoder scale and reader head is typically use with this product.   The reader head conveniently provides accurate positional data.

Resulting product is very compact.

Drive Rod and Stoke Relationship

StrokeDrive Rod
Range (mm)Length (mm)
0 - 3.130
0 - 13.140
0 - 23.150
0 - 33.160
0 - 74.1100.8

Motor Speed at 20 C, No Load

Max Freq.Speed Range
Rhomb30000 - 24
Delta30000 - 15

Motor performance with waveform Rhomb (filled) and waveform Delta (dotted).   The full step length is the average distance the drive rod moves when the legs take on full step (i.e., for one waveform cycle).

Motor Performance Plot

What's Needed to Get Started

A starter kit is available with each of the Piezo motor products.  The kit will allow you to quickly get up and running.  Each kit includes:

  • Piezo Motor
  • Controller Board
  • Wiring Connector/Cables
  • Power Supply

PiezoMotor Starter Kit


We offer the PiezoMotor DriveLLab software for demo and starter kits.

This software supports the following controllers: PMD101, PMD301 and PMD401.

Software is compatible with MS Windows 7 or 10

Please contact one of our engineers for more details about this product.


PiezoMotor DriveLab Software