Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems
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Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

Manufacturer & Distributor of

Precision Linear
Motion Systems

We Design and Manufacture
OEM Custom Systems
and Sub-assemblies.

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We pride ourselves on understanding your complete linear motion application.  We will fully utilize our engineering expertise as well as our past experiences to ensure that we develop the best solution for your application.

Engineered OEM Solutions

XYZ Microplate Robot
Our mini robots are fully featured XYZ motion systems for moving microplates, glass slides or other payloads around inside your instrument
Motorized Curved Rail System
For scanning custom shapes we can create special versions of our curved rail product fully equipped with motorized carriage to hold a camera
Piezo Motor Drive Stage
Micron accuracy XYZ motion is well within our capability. With our in house laser interferometer, we can certify the accuracy of our assemblies.

Open Frame Stage
Automation in food handling environments typically require special corrosion resistant linear guide products that can perform well in high humidity or wet environments.
High Temperature Linear Actuator
Applications in high heat environments usually require special materials and surface treatments. We have products operating in ovens at 700 degrees Centigrade.
Stainless Steel Telescopic Linear Guide
For OEM builders where products are use in high humidity environments such as food processing plants, we design and build telescopic linear guides with stainless steel materials.

Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness within various markets.

We provide engineers and designers with the widest variety of components and subassemblies for high precision dynamic (both linear and rotary) motion applications.  TPA Motion answers the ever-increasing demand for higher precision, lower costs, and superior quality.

Component Products