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Ultra Low Profile Telescopic Linear Slide

Need a Really Low Profile Bottom Mount Slide?

For OEM applications needing to pull-out a drawer, heavy electronics tray, or tooling tray but have limited space for a conventional telescopic linear guide system.   We can provide you with an ultra low profile telescopic slide system that only requires about 17 mm (0.67 inches) of free space height under the drawer or tray.   Payload capacity is 270 lbs.

Ultra Low Profile Linear Slide

Below is an example of work we did for a customer needing to pull-out a tray of electronics in a semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Electronics Rack Pull-Out

In this particulate application the customer need to frequently access electronic products in a confined space.  They only had about 19 mm (0.75 inch) of available free space under the electronics for a telescopic guide system.   Nothing was readily available that could extend 628 mm (25 inches) while holding 270 lbs and fit in this space.

Problem solved with a new intermediate element and some standard catalog ASN28 series semi-telescopic linear guide components.

Approximate Physical Dimensions

Height:(bottom to top of slide)170.67
Width:(across the end of unit)35514
Depth:(front to back collapsed length)61024
Stroke:(Pull-out or travel)62825

Overall width of the slide can be changed for your application by choosing a difference size intermediate element

Low Profile Slide Fully Retracted Position

In the fully extended state as shown below, three rails attach to the fixed structure and the three rails on the other side of the intermediate element attach to the bottom of the moving tray or drawer structure.

Slide Fully Retracted Position

Materials and Surface Treatment

The linear guide rails are made of heat treated carbon steel to provide a strong rigid structure for the ball bearing raceways.  The intermediate element is made of aluminum material that has a clear anodized finish.

Low Profile Slide End View
Every Application is Different.  Call us to discuss your application!