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Can Your Actuator Take the Heat?

Standard motors, sensors, and wiring as well as the linear guides are typically temperature limited to around 100 degrees C (212 deg F).  You may be able to insulate or position many of the components away from the heat but not linear guides.  Special materials and surface treatments are required for such harsh environments.  We have experience in these applications.

Just by knowing a little about your application we can choose the materials and processes best suited for the intended environment.

High Temperature Actuator

Below is an example of work we did for a customer needing to acquire data in close proximity to hot jet engine exhaust gases.

Custom High Temperature Motorized Stage

In this particulate application the customer advised us that the carriage would be in direct line of hot engine gases and would need to travel from side to side roughly 18 inches.  Actuator needed to move a payload of 100 grams (about 0.25 lbs) while maintaining a straightness within 15.0 microns (0.015 mm).

Approximate Physical Dimensions

Height:(bottom to top of carriage)1124.40
Width:(across the end of unit)1977.75
Length:(across the front of unit)80031.5
Carriage Plate:(length x width)305 x 19712 x 7.75

Protection from Hot Gases

Large metal side shields (not shown in image), one attached to the motor mount and the other attached to the encoder mount channel the hot gases away from the motor and encoder.

Only the linear guide system is in direct line of heat from the exhaust gas.  Therefore it required special surface treatment to endure the temperature.

Product Component Data

Motor Size:Nema 34
Position Sensor:Shaft Encoder
Drive Screw Assembly:Leadscrew w/ high temp Lube
Structural Materials:17-4 Stainless Steel
Linear Guide Blocks:Special Metal End Caps
Linear Guide Rail:Raydent or Black Chrome
Surface Treatment
Every Application is Different.
Call us to discuss your application!
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