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Piezo Motor PMD401 Drive and Control Product

The PMD401 is a single axis drive and controller for use with Piezo LEGS® motors.  These printed circuit boards can be easily stacked to form multi-axis systems.   It provides sub-nanometer resolution and speed in the mm/s range.  It is the ideal choice for designs where one or several Piezo LEGS® motors are used.   Host communication is either via a 2-wire RS485 or USB virtual COM port through ASCII commands.

PMD401 Piezomotor Drive Product
Below: Actual photo of PMD401 with LR17 Rotary Piezo Motor
PMD401 Piezo Controller with rotary motor

Stackable Printed Circuit Board

Drive and Controller are on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) approximately 59 mm long x 9.2 mm height x 39 mm wide.   It combined with the Power Connection Board occupy about the same footprint as the PMD301 (approximately 123 mm length by 78 mm width).   Multiple PMD401 boards can be stacked on top of each other to support a multi-axis system.

48 VDC Power supply and some connecting cables are need to get started.

PMD401 Piezomotor Drive Product

PMD401 Piezo Controller Drawing


We offer the PiezoMotor DriveLLab software for demo and starter kits.

This software supports the following controllers: PMD101, PMD301 and PMD401.

Software is compatible with MS Windows 7 or 10

PiezoMotor DriveLab Software

Complete Starter Kit Available

A starter kit is available with each of the Piezo motor products.  The kit will allow you to quickly get up and running.  Each kit includes:

  • Piezo Motor
  • Controller Board
  • Wiring Connector/Cables
  • Power Supply

PiezoMotor Starter Kit

Please contact one of our engineers for more details about this product.