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Cam Roller Linear Guides

Cam Roller is used in a wide variety of applications.  Below is our complete array of cam roller action linear guide products.   They are listed in order of most robust to least robust.  One or multiple slider assemblies can be mated to a rail for low friction movement of your payload.  Rail lengths are available up to 4000 mm (157").

Below are pictures and brief descriptions of the most commonly used cam roller guides products we offer.   You can click on any of the pictured products below for more information.

Cam Roller Guide System using TGV Products

Cam Roller Type Linear Guides

Below is a selection of TGV, TEN, TEX, and FXRG series telescopic linear guide products.  These are best suited for industrial environments where high capacity is most important.   The convex profile raceways shed dirt and debris that would otherwise inhibit the linear motion.

TGV Series Products
(Very Heavy Duty)

TGV Series Cam Roller Linear Guide Product

Very high load capacity rail and slider system.  Rails made of cold drawn induction hardened steel.  One or more slider assemblies can be mated with each rail.

TEN Series Products
(Very Economical)

TEN Series Cam Roller Linear Guide Product

For those less demanding applications, we offer an economical roll formed nitride hardened steel rails and three or five cam roller wheel slider assemblies.

TEX Series Products
(Stainless Steel Materials)

TEX Series Cam Roller Linear Guide Product

We offer a stainless steel roll formed version rail and slider assembly for those applications where corrosion resistance is important.

FXRG Series Products
(Configurable Components)

FXRG Series Cam Roller Linear Guide Product

For applications where you wish to make your own slider system we offer rail and cam roller bearings.  The round raceway surface effectively sheds dirt and debris.

Additional Information - Slider Assemblies

Slider assemblies are available in a variety of configurations such as 3 cam roller type or 5 cam roller type, end seals or no end seals.  Preload can be set prior to shipment and can be adjusted during installation in the field if required.   Multiple slider units can be combined on one rail.

Highly Configurable System - Rails, Slider Units, and/or Cam Roller Bearings. CAD models are available for you to create your own special system.

TEN Cam Roller Linear Guide Assembly Exploded View