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Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

High Accuracy Stage

Our precision systems are made to meet high accuracy requirements of our customers.  These products are typically found in Scanning and Imaging Systems such as Medical Imaging instruments or Industrial Inspection systems.   Precision crossed roller bearings are typically used for the linear supports and the drive types may include one or more of the the following: motorized ball screw, linear motor, or piezo motor.

Excellent choice for Very High Accuracy multi-axis motion systems used in imaging instrument and machines.

Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

Featured below:  Very Compact Custom OEM XYZ Motorized Stage

Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

Application Details

Developed for an OEM manufacturer of high resolution 3D x-ray microscopy and computed tomography instruments.  A very accurate three axis motion stage was developed to enable fast sub-micron imaging of samples.

All hardware (i.e., crossed roller bearing sets, piezo motors, encoders, etc.) are seamlessly integrated into the unit, allowing us to achieve a very compact size.   Each axis is driven by a piezo motor unit.  Very tight tolerance throughout range of travel on Straightness and Flatness.

Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage
Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

Anatomy of an XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

All multi-axis motion stages start with developing the base structure which is usually dictated by the customer's machine or instrument requirements.

Once this has been established the linear guidance, sensors, motors, and other components are added to supporting custom machined structural elements.

In the images you will see where we have exposed the top axis of this stage providing a clear view of the crossed roller bearing linear guidance system along with the piezo motor and linear encoder feedback system.

This basic anatomy is what makes up each axis.

Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage
Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

Technical Specifications Related to this XYZ Motion Stage

Linear Motion Range

X-axis Travel:25(1.0)
Y-axis Travel:25(1.0)
Z-axis Travel:10(0.4)

Physical Dimensions

Height (bottom to top):100(4.0)
Width (across th front):100(4.0)
Depth (front to back):100(4.0)

Performance Specifications

XY Straightness is better than:2.0(0.002)
Z-axis Straightness is better than:4.0(0.004)
Repeatability is better than or equal to:0.50.0005)

Compact XYZ Piezo Motor Driven Stage

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Testing and Verification

We have the resources required to measure and evaluation flatness and straightness at the sub micron level.

Each product is mounted on a very large granite surface and measured via Are laser Interferometer system .  

Our laser measurement system is frequently in use checking and verifying precision product capabilities.  A final report of the data collected is made available for customer review.