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Custom Telescopic Systems

Are Standard Telescopic Linear Guides Not Working For You?

There are many telescopic linear guides in the market, but few that are made of corrosion resistant materials, for off-road mobile vehicle use, or for food processing environments.     Why?  Maybe your quantity requirement isn't enough to get their attention.  Call us!   

For OEM applications where you need 10 or more pieces give us a try.

Stainless Steel Telescopic

Below are a few examples of our work.

All Stainless Steel Telescopic

(for food processing environment)

For food processing environments there are special requirements for FDA compliance.  Products need to be corrosion resistant and frequently need to be washed down with strong cleaning solutions.

We make telescopic slides of all stainless materials for high quantity requirements.

Stainless Steel Telescopic Slide

Bottom Mount Telescopic

(for slide out cabinet system)

Our heavy duty bottom mount telescopic slide out systems that have gone through extensive testing.  Many of these systems are install and working in the field today.   Customers rave about the low force requirement to open and close the unit.

Special surface treatment makes these corrosion resistant in humid environments.

Bottom Mount Telescopic Slide

Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

(for off-road military vehicle usage)

Vehicle applications are very demanding on telescopic drawer type slide applications.  Vibration and shock loading from vehicle movement can damage the slide raceways if not properly designed to account for the loading.   For the military applications we make bomb blast resistant drawer slides.

Not only do they handle the load but also shed dirt & debris in harsh off-road environments.

Off-Road Heavy Duty Telescopic Slide

We have more.   Call us to discuss your application!