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Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

About TPA Motion

A Little History

We started in 2002 with less than a handful of people with an enormous amount of experience in the linear motion business.   Our knowledge allowed us to form strong partnerships with other companies in Europe and Asia.  Many of these companies had little to no presence in America thus enabling us to become a primary distribution point for them.   This arrangement provide us with big company capabilities (i.e., technology, production, and sales support) without the overhead and cost.  We closed business opportunities by being quick and responsive.  

As we began to grow our sales we realized the need to design and prototype new products within our own market if we wished to continue on this path.   So we reinvested profits back into the company acquiring in-house machining capabilities and skilled people to support our effort.  

In 2013 we became ISO 9001:2008 certified.  With the machines, people, and quality systems in place we began a stronger push into custom designed solutions.   More OEM business came our way requiring us to build and manufacturer precision assemblies and subassemblies.

Growth and Opportunities

Today sales are split about 40/60 with 40% coming from distribution and 60% manufacturing.  Our goal is to continue in this direction.

News Brief - We now have more to offer!
pipetting automation

We are now part of the Acuvi AB group of companies.   Acuvi is a Swedish technology company.   Their focus is on developing compact drive solutions for life science, medical, and industrial applications.

Currently within the group are the following brands:


Experts in Piezo Motor Technology offering Linear and Rotary Motion Products.


Experts in Micromanipulators and automated microscope workstations.

TPA Motion

Experts in Linear Motion Technology offering custom OEM multi-axis solutions.