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Need to work under your microplate?

We have a microplate assembly that provides a large work area under the plate.  This area can be used for optics, illumination, liquid bath tank, ultrasonics, or other things you may wish to do.

Our designs use as many standard off-the-shelf products as possible.  Custom items are made per your need for compactness, speed, accuracy, or other special requirements.

Sample 96 Well Micro Plate

Featured below:  Custom OEM XYZ motion system with a fourth axis for safety during operation.

While most of our robots use similar base structure, this robot is incorporates a fourth motion axis.  In this particular case it was necessary to secure the unit and not allow anyone to inadvertently open it the during operation.  Thus, a fourth motion axis was added to open and close the unit.  

Another requirement was to have a large work area under the microplate holder for a liquid bath and ultrasonic transducer.

Plate Handling Robot with Complete Chassis

Physical Size

Side to Side:355(14.0)
Front to Back:280(11.0)
Overall Height:120(4.7)

Travel or Stroke

X-axis (side to side)125(4.9)
Y-axis (front to back)15(0.6)
Z-axis (up/down)55(2.2)

Finished Desktop Size Product

Example Desktop Device

Our robot is used to position 96 well microplate in liquid bath for ultrasonication.

Sample 96 Well Micro Plate

96 Well Microplate Dimensions

Plate Length-A-127.76 mm
Plate Length-A-127.76 mm
Plate Width-B-85.48 mm
Row Offset-C-11.24 mm
Column Offset-D-14.38 mm
Well Spacing-E-9.00 mm

Easy Microplate Loading and Unloading

A transparent door or window in the outer housing slides open to allowing easy access for loading and unloading the microplate.

Plate Robot Complete with Chassis

Large Work Area Under Microplate Arm

Area under microplate is optimized for a liquid bath tank.  For your application you may use this area for optics or other things.

Inside View of Plate Robot

Clearance under Microplate Arm

View shows clearance between bottom of microplate arm and base.  For your application arm design can be changed.

Plate Robot Complete with Chassis

Edge Grip Type Plate Holder

Plate holder grips microplate along the perimeter allowing full view of wells from the top or from the bottom.

Inside View of Plate Robot

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