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Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

Piezo Motor Products

TPA Motion is the leading distributor of Piezomotor AB products throughout North America.

For the last 10 years Piezomotor has refined their in house manufacturing of piezo motor products and developed new technology for a variety of high tech applications.  For your OEM application we will fully utilize our engineering expertise to ensure the best motion system solution.

Listed below are some of the features that provide us with advantages over competing products such as leadscrew or ballscrew drive systems.

Miniature Linear Guide Products

High Precision

Ultra high resolution and Smooth motion capable of very small controlled movements

No Backlash

True direct drive with zero backlash and self-locking


Little disturbance with magnetic field and insensitive to electro-magnetic interference (i.e., no affect to motion)

Compact Design

Well suited for small spaces due to high force relative to size

Vacuum Capable

Holds position when power is off (comsumes no power at rest) which makes it an excellent choice in vacuum environments

Piezo Motor Products

LL10 Piezo Motor
LT20 Piezo Motor

LT40 Piezo Linear Motor
LR17 Piezo Rotary Motor
LR23 Piezo Rotary Motor
PMD301 Piezo Motor Drive Controller
PMD401 Piezo Motor Drive Controller
Piezo Motor Starter Kit