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What 3D Platform is best for your application?

Our experience ranges from single axis components to full range motion assemblies.

We help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rise above the competition with the best and most economical motion technology.

Featured below:  Custom OEM system with supporting chassis drives and controls.

After developing this XYZ motion system, we worked closely with this customer through several generations of the machine resulting in a very compact stable chassis upon which their enclosure (i.e., housing shell with name and logo) was attached.

Example Desktop Device

Project started with a discussion about providing a means to move a 96 well microplate in an x-y plane to a precise location within the center of each well.   Then move an objective (i.e., optical element) along the z-axis over the well center for focusing.  Dwell, capture image, and repeat sequence until all wells are imaged.

Sample 96 Well Micro Plate

96 Well Microplate Dimensions

Plate Length-A-127.76 mm
Plate Length-A-127.76 mm
Plate Width-B-85.48 mm
Row Offset-C-11.24 mm
Column Offset-D-14.38 mm
Well Spacing-E-9.00 mm

Perfect application for an XYZ motion platform.  Within a week our 3D concept model was being reviewed and discussed with the customer.   From that point it was realized that the structure of the XYZ motion platform would be well suited for attaching the housing with branding and company logo.  

Fully Involved Plate Handling System

Complete with stepper motors drives and controller.

Payload capacity is 500 grams ( 1.0 lbf)

Plate Handling Robot with Complete Chassis

Physical Size

Side to Side:300(11.8)
Front to Back:850(33.5)
Overall Height:450(17.7)

Travel or Stroke


Long travel x-axis allows for easy loading and unloading of microplate.

Project started as a bare bones system but ended with the customer asking us to design and manufacture the entire unit.

Easy Microplate Loading and Unloading

Our design is able to reach completely outside the housing for easy plate handling.  Only a small door or window in the housing is required.

Plate Robot Complete with Chassis

Once Inside, What Happens?

Center of well is positioned under the Z-axis objective lens.  The bracket that holds the imaging objective lens moves up or down for focusing.  Image is capture, then movement to the next well occurs.  Steps are repeated until all wells have been processed.

Inside View of Plate Robot