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High Temperature Slide Products

Can Your Oven Slides Take the Heat?

Industrial oven applications for heat treatment or annealing of metal products are challenging from a safety concern and throughput.   To increase production rate parts need to be nested on trays and placed into ovens.  Heavy trays don't slide effortlessly without a good high temperature bearing system.

For OEM applications we have developed high temperature slide systems capable of continuous operation in oven temperatures up to 371 degrees C (700 deg F).

High Temperature Slide

Below is an example of work we did for a customer needing a very smooth motion slide system for a curing oven.

High Temperature Slide High Temperature Slide

Special Bearing Materials

Rail, Cage, and Roller material selected for
High Temperature Operation.

High Temperature Slide

It takes special materials such as 17-4 stainless steel for the base structure and M50 specialty steel for the crossed roller bearing rails with ceramic rollers to meet the performance requirements at such elevated temperature (700 deg F) environments.

We also incorporate a few more special processes to ensure this product has adequate load capacity and durability.

Approximate Physical Dimensions

Height (bottom to top of slide):45(1.8)
Width (across the end of slide):138(5.4)
Length (across the front of slide):400(15.7)

Slide product removed from oven testing was observed to have a little surface oxidation.  Still operational with smooth movement in the bearing system.

Actual Photo After Many Hours in the Oven

High Temperature Slide

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