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Stainless Telescopic Linear Guides

Untreated carbon steel products will easily corrode in wet or high humidity environments.  In places where washing and sterilization are infrequent, sometimes treated aluminum works well.   However, stainless steel is best if these components are put into service where they see frequent high-pressure washing and sterilization.  

Our stainless steel slides provide an outstanding combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties at temperatures for food grade applications.

Are you building many copies of the same machine or piece of equipment?  We work with OEMs that can commit to order lot quantities equal to 20 pieces or more telescopic assemblies.

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Stainless Steel Telescopic Linear Guide

Pair of Telescopic Slides in Fully Extended State.
Fully Extended Telescopic
Telescopic Slide Cross Section

Size 43 Most Requested Product

Telescopic Linear Guide Animation
Telescopic Drawing

Email or Call for us to discuss your application.