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Manufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

XY Linear Stage

We design, develop, and manufacture low profile open xy-axis stages.   Below is an example of a very compact, smooth motion assembly used in an imaging system.  These are typically used in Microscopic and Optical Equipment applications.  

The challenge was to provide very smooth almost frictionless motion while electronic imaging sensors are acquiring and recording vital sample data.

Are you building many copies of the same machine or piece of equipment?  Look no further!   We help OEMs with both small lot or high volume quantities.

XY Open Frame Stage

Example Application Details

This customer needed an automated method to position microscopy samples to specific positions in an X-Y plane with high positional accuracy.   A closed loop motorized X-Y positioning system was the best solution.  Very smooth motion was important.  The open stage provides a large port or window for direct optical viewing or laser beam passage.

Low Profile Very Important

Customer needed an ultra low profile to keep the instrument overall height with existing housing or structural envelope.


X-axis travel:25(1)
Y-axis travel:25(1)
Overall Height:15(0.6)
XY Stage End View
XY Stage Assembly

Low profile was accomplished by designing the stage such that the motors can be embedded within and under the assembly.

Crossed Roller Bearings for Smooth Motion

This sub-assembly is made from precision components: crossed roller bearings , along with a few other custom machined parts.

For new designs customer specifications and requirements often provide a good starting point. Ultimately it's the first prototype builds that flush out additional requirements.

Every Application is Different!

XY Stage Assembly Operation

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