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Are You Moving Short Distances Fast?

You May Need Crossed Roller Bearings with ACC (Anti-Cage-Creep) Technology

Cross roller linear bearings with Anti-Cage Creep (ACC) technology are very important for applications that are highly dynamic or vertical orientation.   Travel distances of 125 mm (5 inches) or less where high acceleration and deceleration occur are especially vulnerable to roller/cage assembly creep.          

Excellent choice for highly dynamic or applications of vertical orientation.

Crossed Roller Bearing with ACC

Product Features

    • Hardened Bearing Steel Rail Material
    • Counter-bored with Thru Holes
    • Polymer Cage/Roller Retainer with ACC
    • Roller Diameters 3, 4, and 6 mm
    • Stroke range from 25 - 316 mm
    • Standard and Wide Rail versions available

One Bearing SET consists of:

    • 4 rail pieces
    • 2 roller/cage assemblies

End Screws are not required since the roller/cage assembly is captive via a rack and gear system.

Pictured below is One Bearing SET
One Crossed Roller Bearing SET

View of Rail Only with Gear Rack

Crossed Roller Bearing Rail with Gear Rack

View of Rail & Roller/Cage Assembly

Crossed Roller Bearing Rail with Roller/cage Assembly

View of Rails separated by Roller/Cage Assembly

Crossed Roller Bearing Separated by Roller/cage Assembly

Gear Rack for ACC

Anti-Cage Creep Technology Eliminates Cage Creep

A polymer (POM material) is used for the roller cage (i.e., retainer)  Integral to the cage is a small metal spur gear that mates with the metal gear rack integrated in each bearing rail.

This mechanism functions to maintain the original position of the roller/cage assembly within the rails.  This is very important for applications where high dynamic action (high frequency) or vertical orientation.   Vibration or high accel/decel can cause slippage between the roller and rail allowing the roller/cage assembly to move (creep) out of position.  When this occurs the end result is reduced travel or damage to the roller/cage assembly as it may hit an end stop.

Product is most frequently used in applications requiring high rigidity, smooth motion, and high accuracy.

A few areas where this product is used are:  machine tools, semiconductor equipment, and laboratory instruments.

Below is a Drawing of the bearing assembly

Common Dimensional Data

Assembly Width-B-18 mm
Assembly Height-C-8 mm
Roller Diameter-D-3 mm
Rail Hole Dia.-k-3.2 mm
Rail Hole Thread-m-M4
Rail Hole Counter-bore dia.-p-6.0 mm
Rail Hole Counter-bore depth-r-3.2 mm
Rail Hole Diameter-d-3.5 mm

Below is a list of commonly produced product sizes.

   PART NUMBER    Stroke




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