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Manufacturer of Linear Motion SystemsManufacturer of Linear Motion Systems

Instrument Robots

Medical Diagnostic Systems and other Life Science Instruments require automation for sample preparation (i.e., moving, mixing, and dispensing of materials) as well as analysis of the sample.   Many companies prefer to work on the science and outsource the mechanics of building the machine.  That's where we enter the picture.  Our business is the mechanics.

We work with scientists to develop the most compact desktop systems in the world.

Miniature Linear Guide Products

Robot One - Microplate Handling System with Belt Drives

This is our first generation plate handling robot.  Many of these today are working inside medical diagnostic instruments providing XYZ motion movement of 96 well microplates.  

X-Y motion is provided by a motorized pulley and tooth belt system located near each miniature linear guide rail.  Z-axis movement is accomplished via a motorized screw drive system.

Cable management is always a challenge with small assemblies.  We overcame this by using a custom Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) product where power and control data is passed.

Gen1 Plate Handling Robot

Robot Two - Microplate Handling System with Screw Drives

As we learn more from earlier systems we discovered ways to make our XYZ motion system more compact and with higher precision.   Each axis is lead-screw driven allowing for higher positioning accuracy in applications where imaging or fine movement is needed within each well.  

Also incorporated in this design are the drives for each motor and controller module making it truly plug-in-play ready.

Gen2 Plate Handling Robot

Robot Three - Microplate Handling System with Complete Chassis

Project started with a discussion about providing a means to move a 96 well microplate in an x-y plane to a precise location within the center of each well.   Then move an objective (i.e., optical element) along the z-axis over the well center for focusing.

Working closely with this customer in developing several XYZ motion system prototypes, the customer decided we should make the entire chassis system so they would have a very compact stable platform upon which their enclosure (i.e., housing shell with name and logo) could attach.

Gen3 Plate Handling Robot

Robot Four - Microplate Positioning in Liquid Container

This application required positioning of wells with a 96 well microplate for sonication.   High intensity ultrasonic waves are produced within the liquid surrounding the microplate creating a cavitation field particle dispersion, DNA shearing, cell disruption, etc.

Space under the well plate holder needed to be maximized for the liquid bath along with the electronic transducer.  It was a challenge to create a large work area.

Gen3 Plate Handling Robot

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